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More iPad Thoughts (NOT A Review)

You can’t help but to have read articles on the iPad since it’s announcement, and now that it is officially out, there will plenty more.  I’m sure I’ll check one out the next time I’m near an Apple store. I did not get one since I honestly cannot think of a compelling use case for me that would warrant dropping $500 on what I see as a companion, primarily content consumption device. I would expect that Apple at some point in the not too distant future will have a price drop.

Most of what I found were reviews, one of which from the NY Times. Actually, it’s two reviews in one article. One for “Techies”, and one for everyday folks. I do have to disagree though with articles premise that the everyday people are/will be iPad lovers, and the “Techies” iPad haters. Being a techie, I am not dismissing or hating the iPad. If I were still commuting to work on the commuter rail, that would be a perfect scenario of using one. I work with all techies as well being in IT, and there has been plenty of interest with many intending to get one. It would have been more appropriate I think if the article simply indicated each one as the iPad critic, and iPad fan review.

I’m obviously not going to try and review this since I have never used one. If you are interested in some initial thought articles on the iPad, check Paul Thurrott’s first impressions here, and another articles from the NY Times here. I have a few thoughts of the concept:

  • The extra screen real estate is a plus for many applications.
  • A great form factor for eBook reading and carrying in a bag or backpack. Something I would definitely consider if I were still taking the train to commute to work.
  • I’m wondering what is better for long term reading though – the reader screen of something like the Kindle, or the gloss color screen of the iPad?
  • And speaking of Kindle, I’m curious to see how the actual Kindle app on the iPad is compared to the native Apple book reader.
  • Seems like a perfect type of device to do Skype on, but no camera. Perhaps there will be one included in the next gen hardware.
  • No Flash.
  • Screen is not widescreen format, so I would expect to see those black bars when watching a movie on it.
  • From what I’ve read in reviews thus far, it seems like it’s a bit on the heavy side for its size.
  • Same closed system of applications for the device as is the case with the iPhone & iPod Touch. Maybe some think this is a positive, but I tend to lean toward a more open system myself. That said, I do have an iPod Touch and really like it.
  • I know this is just a pet peeve I have of the marketing, but come on, is it really “magical”? It’s real technology, and when I hear the word “magical” used, I start thinking of Disney music.

I can probably think of a few more things, but I would really want to check one out in person prior.

By Jim Ashley

Husband and Dad. IT professional tech guy and woodworker. Will bring some sort of camera with me outdoors.

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