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More on NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager

A couple of posts back, I mentioned how I got the Nvidia nView Desktop Manager to work in Windows 7. What it did for me was to display two different images on each monitor, however, I no longer had the ability to cycle the backgrounds (i.e. slide show) – a new feature in Windows 7. Since then I did a little more poking around. What happens is that each image that form wallpaper for each monitor is actually merged into one file/image that windows then displays at the appropriate resolution to display correctly across both screens. The file it creates is then located in c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\nView_Wallpaper, with the file name of PerMonitorWallpaper0.bmp (that’s with a zero).

So what I was then able to do was copy the file to a location I like to keep my backgrounds (for me I created a Backgrounds folder in my Pictures library). I then resaved as a jpg. I then chose new backgrounds in nView Desktop Manager to create a few more backgrounds, copy those to my Backgrounds folder in Pictures, so that I have a few more available. I downloaded a few that are dual monitor specific wallpapers (i.e. 3960×1080 or 3960×1200 wallpapers are available). Lastly, I configured my Windows theme settings to use these backgrounds, cycling then every 5 minutes. Some of the backgrounds are below – both the nView created ones, and the dual monitor ones I downloaded.

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