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It’s Cisco Study Time

cisco_logo.gifsamplenetwork.jpgSo you’re probably wondering why I haven’t posted on my Kubuntu install yet. Well, it’s because I’ve been spending most nights studying for the CCNP BSCI exam (BCSI – Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks, essentially the routing exam). My CCNA expires in June, so I’ve set out to try and pass one at the CCNP level to keep current. I’ve gone through the EIGRP and part of OSPF modules (I’m most familiar with OSPF, as that is the routing protocol of the last two customers I have done work for). My question, for anyone reading this: Is there a practice exam software that you recommend? In the past I’ve tried Boson and Self Test, but just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on what is out there today that they find are good. I find the practice tests a good way to find out what I know, and what I need to focus on…

By the way, Kubuntu is indeed installed. I’m working out the kinks in the VMWare piece. Once that’s done, I’ll post my experiences.

By Jim Ashley

Husband and Dad. IT professional tech guy and woodworker. Will bring some sort of camera with me outdoors.

4 replies on “It’s Cisco Study Time”

I use bosan most of the time. I am preparing for my CCNA exam this month. So hopefully we can collaborate together on our topics. I’ve studied BSCI too and CBT Nuggets was the best source of learning for me.

Thanks Sanix! I will probably give the Boson another go. I currently have the Cisco press book, as well as a NetG based training through my work as study materials. Are you planning on taking the all in one exam (801), or the two separate exams for CCNA (811 and 821)?

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