On The Propagation Of Sound Waves (The Pleasing Type)

wave_sine_sup2.gifA bronze wound steel string that is struck will vibrate to produce sound waves. These sound waves produced can be amplified in, let’s say, a wooden chamber – a wood that man has historically found to produce a rich, pleasing tone, such as spruce, mahogany, cedar, maple, or rosewood. Man has since constructed and some have mastered playing various forms of musical instruments that fit this description: the mandolin, guitar, violin, etc.

One such master is Andy McKee. Just watch below… If you like his music, he does have a couple of albums you can purchase on iTunes. By the way, in case you’re curious, the guitar with the “horn” growing out of the top with bass strings attached is called a harp guitar.

Andy McKee – Drifting

Andy McKee – Into The Ocean

Andy McKee – Africa (Toto cover)

By Jim Ashley

Husband and Dad. IT professional tech guy and woodworker. Will bring some sort of camera with me outdoors.

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