Diversions – Introducing The Wood Lab

wl_iconFor those who have read previous posts, you can figure out that my field is IT.  I clearly like science and technology.

But we are (or should be!) more than what we do for our occupation.  What do you do as a diversion – your creative outlet?

I used my last post on SawStop as a sort of segue into this post.  One of my diversions as a creative outlet is woodworking.  Now note that I am a very novice woodworker, but I hope to take this this craft to the next level.  It’s nice, after a day or week of working with technology, to work with a natural material such as wood in the hopes of creating something that is funtional and pleasing to the eye at the same time.

So, to document my experiences with woodworking – my learning experiences and shortcomings – I have launched a new blog specifically to my hobby of woodworking:  The Wood Lab.

By Jim Ashley

Husband and Dad. IT professional tech guy and woodworker. Will bring some sort of camera with me outdoors.

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