Happy New Year 2014!

I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy New Year, and hope that you all have had a great Holiday season.

In reviewing my WordPress “year in review” that all WordPress.com users get, I realized that I have somewhat neglected this blog over the past year – two posts were published. Not quite the frequency I intended. I did make one change: if you haven’t noticed already, you can now reach the blog at http://scienceattic.com (the old URL of http://scienceattic.wordpress.com will still work though).

My goal for 2014 is to revitalize this blog. I hope to devote a little more time to write about tech and science topics that interest me, and maybe a few random topics as well.

Take care and Happy New Year!


Diversions – Introducing The Wood Lab

wl_iconFor those who have read previous posts, you can figure out that my field is IT.  I clearly like science and technology.

But we are (or should be!) more than what we do for our occupation.  What do you do as a diversion – your creative outlet?

I used my last post on SawStop as a sort of segue into this post.  One of my diversions as a creative outlet is woodworking.  Now note that I am a very novice woodworker, but I hope to take this this craft to the next level.  It’s nice, after a day or week of working with technology, to work with a natural material such as wood in the hopes of creating something that is funtional and pleasing to the eye at the same time.

So, to document my experiences with woodworking – my learning experiences and shortcomings – I have launched a new blog specifically to my hobby of woodworking:  The Wood Lab.

A New Home Sweet Home

keyboard-closeupSo here we are now at the new location for The Science Attic.  I’ve done some house cleaning, and hope going forward to refocus this blog just a bit.  Some of the later entries not specifically related to tech or science will have a sort of “shelf life” and while important (to me anyway), will be removed after some time to basically keep the posts focused on tech and science.

So Welcome to the new Science Attic, enjoy!