Time For Some TV – Cosmos

I don't watch a lot of television. When I do, it's usually a New England local sports event. On the rare occasion I do find myself getting into a series, I am always late to the game: The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones... I have been in catch up mode with… Continue reading Time For Some TV – Cosmos

RIP Neil Armstrong (1930 – 2012)

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk the moon, passed away following complications from cardiovascular procedures. Rest in peace, Neil.

Voyager 1 & 2 At Edge Of Solar System

After 30 years, Voyager 1 and 2 are at the edge of the solar system. This is some really cool and interesting stuff.  Read more from NASA here, and check out the video, which I've embedded below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFT68U4i-Xw

Remembering Challenger – 25 Years Later

Benoit Mandelbrot – RIP

Benoit Mandelbrot passed away at age 85. RIP For those familiar with Jonathan Coulton's song Mandelbrot Set, his thoughts are posted here. And if you're not familiar with the song, listen below. Jonathan Coulton - 'Mandelbrot Set' from Best. Concert. Ever. (Parental note: There is some language in this song)

Lightning & Ash

This is probably one of the coolest pics I have seen capturing lightning. Click the picture itself to see the original location and size, and further explanation on why the recent Iceland volcanic eruption caused so much ash.

Apollo 11 – 40 years ago

On the way into work the other day, I heard this story on NPR.  This week marks the 40th anniversary of the first human steps on the moon.  For years the only footage available was that footage broadcast on TV at the time.  The original footage may have been lost, but if you check out… Continue reading Apollo 11 – 40 years ago