Apollo 11 – 40 years ago

Apollo11On the way into work the other day, I heard this story on NPR.  This week marks the 40th anniversary of the first human steps on the moon.  For years the only footage available was that footage broadcast on TV at the time.  The original footage may have been lost, but if you check out the story (be sure to listen to the audio as well), you’ll be able to view footage that shows much better clarity of those first steps on the moon and the placement of the American flag on the surface.


Lunar Eclipse!

lunar_eclipse_2008-02-20_1.jpg lunar_eclipse_2008-02-20_2.jpg
In case you missed last night’s lunar eclipse, it was a good one. Luckily the weather mostly cooperated. I took a few pictures, these being the best two – although they are a little fuzzy due to some thin clouds. This being the last one until the end of 2010, I wanted to make sure I got to catch this one. The color on this one was good, the orange/red very visible once it reached totality. (Why is it that color, instead of totally dark? It’s the sun’s light refracting around the earth’s atmosphere as it makes its way to the moon – basically looking at a distance at all the sunrises/sunsets all at once if you were to stand on the moon.)

If you click the pictures above, you’ll see one that is wider angled has two stars visible. The one to the left is actually the planet Saturn. The other bright one above is Regulus, in the constellation Leo.

Pretty cool stuff… although the natives in this story didn’t think so…