Information Technology Thoughts

The New Gig

I’ve just finished my first week at a new job. After almost 11 years at my previous employer, their cutbacks affected my position and I was laid off in early April. I interviewed with a few places pretty quickly, and luckily, I had my verbal offer for this job within two weeks of being out. I then only had to wait for the normal process stuff – background check, drug test, etc. So once I knew I had the job, I tried in the meantime to enjoy the downtime (as my good friend points out here): hang out and do things with the family, get some stuff done around the house, and keeping the brain technically engaged – passing the CCNA that I let expire last year.

In the end, I know this is one of those “things that happened for a reason”. I will be working in new area of IT I have not been deeply involved in thus far – SAN (Storage Area Network) technologies. Coming from an IP based networking background (and before that Wintel server & messaging and Desktop support), the plethora of training my new company provides is really a great thing. I’ve enjoyed opportunities to learn new areas of technologies in IT, and the brain is now definitely “reawakened”.