The New Gig

I've just finished my first week at a new job. After almost 11 years at my previous employer, their cutbacks affected my position and I was laid off in early April. I interviewed with a few places pretty quickly, and luckily, I had my verbal offer for this job within two weeks of being out.… Continue reading The New Gig

The Baby Whisperer

One of the most prevalent forms of science that touches us directly in our daily lives is that of medical science. With all the great strides that have been made in this field, the human factor cannot be diminished - nor should it! Check out this great story of how the this human factor plays… Continue reading The Baby Whisperer

Keep It Simple

My good friend over at the Aedificium has a great post on storage, and more generally speaking, the benefits of keeping things simple and organized. We all know the person at work with the incredibly messy desk, or the one with a really neat one (by the way, this is one of the principles in… Continue reading Keep It Simple

Thank You, Mr. Wizard

Making science accessible to kids with regular household items, Mr. Wizard's World was one of the great shows I was a fan of as a kid in the 80s, airing on the then fairly new Nickelodeon network. Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, has passed away today. So thank you, Mr. Wizard, for your part in bringing… Continue reading Thank You, Mr. Wizard