Happy Pi Day!

iWars: iPod vs. Zune

I got a kick out of this one... fun stuff. (Full Disclosure: I do own a first gen iPod Touch, that I really like. I have no experience with the Zune, so I'm not in a position to compare the two - in other words, this is NOT meant to start any flame wars.)

Happy 2009

And did you know that a "leap second" was added in?  Why?  Well very slowly the Earth's rotation is slowing, so a second was added to compensate.  You can learn more details here. Wishing all a safe, happy, peaceful, prosperous New Year!

Christmas Visit

Maybe they heard Santa had made his yearly visit to our house... we had some visitors Christmas morning.

Borax Crystal Snowflakes!

Well it's Christmas Season again. And I thought I would repost the instructions on how to make Borax Crystal Snowflakes. Our weather has been swinging from 50s to 30s back to 50s again - so no snow here. So, what do you need? string wide mouth pint jar white, or maybe blue pipe cleaners blue… Continue reading Borax Crystal Snowflakes!

Bring Your High SPF Lotion

Some people thought this was evidence of life on Mars, but it's just a rock. It is cool how the light and shadows does make it resemble a humanlike form. Just think though, if it were a human, how much SPF they would need to protect themselves from the sun rays with Mars' nice and… Continue reading Bring Your High SPF Lotion

Merry Christmas!

In thinking of what I should write about as a "Christmastime blog", I thought of things such as the science behind the Christmas Star (and how much the jury is still out on what exactly it could be, should it be some astronomical event), how Mars is particularly close to Earth today and therefore brighter… Continue reading Merry Christmas!