Christmas Visit

Maybe they heard Santa had made his yearly visit to our house... we had some visitors Christmas morning.

Borax Crystal Snowflakes!

Well it's Christmas Season again. And I thought I would repost the instructions on how to make Borax Crystal Snowflakes. Our weather has been swinging from 50s to 30s back to 50s again - so no snow here. So, what do you need? string wide mouth pint jar white, or maybe blue pipe cleaners blue… Continue reading Borax Crystal Snowflakes!

Merry Christmas!

In thinking of what I should write about as a "Christmastime blog", I thought of things such as the science behind the Christmas Star (and how much the jury is still out on what exactly it could be, should it be some astronomical event), how Mars is particularly close to Earth today and therefore brighter… Continue reading Merry Christmas!