Time For Some TV – Cosmos

I don't watch a lot of television. When I do, it's usually a New England local sports event. On the rare occasion I do find myself getting into a series, I am always late to the game: The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones... I have been in catch up mode with… Continue reading Time For Some TV – Cosmos

Benoit Mandelbrot – RIP

Benoit Mandelbrot passed away at age 85. RIP For those familiar with Jonathan Coulton's song Mandelbrot Set, his thoughts are posted here. And if you're not familiar with the song, listen below. Jonathan Coulton - 'Mandelbrot Set' from Best. Concert. Ever. (Parental note: There is some language in this song)

Borax Crystal Snowflakes!

Well it's Christmas Season again. And I thought I would repost the instructions on how to make Borax Crystal Snowflakes. Our weather has been swinging from 50s to 30s back to 50s again - so no snow here. So, what do you need? string wide mouth pint jar white, or maybe blue pipe cleaners blue… Continue reading Borax Crystal Snowflakes!

Merry Christmas!

In thinking of what I should write about as a "Christmastime blog", I thought of things such as the science behind the Christmas Star (and how much the jury is still out on what exactly it could be, should it be some astronomical event), how Mars is particularly close to Earth today and therefore brighter… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

Thank You, Mr. Wizard

Making science accessible to kids with regular household items, Mr. Wizard's World was one of the great shows I was a fan of as a kid in the 80s, airing on the then fairly new Nickelodeon network. Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, has passed away today. So thank you, Mr. Wizard, for your part in bringing… Continue reading Thank You, Mr. Wizard

Don’t Toss Those 3-D Glasses Just Yet

In case you had started spring cleaning and came across some old 3-D glasses, hold on to them for now. NASA just published pictures of the sun. While the sun is no stranger to the photo shoot, this is the first done in 3-D by STEREO - a spacecraft based binocular vision. In case you… Continue reading Don’t Toss Those 3-D Glasses Just Yet