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30 Years Ago… Remembering Challenger

It’s hard to believe that the Challenger disaster happened 30 years ago today. I was in seventh grade at the time, and learned of it in school. First, the announcement over the PA system, then the remainder of the school day was spent watching the coverage on TV.

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Don’t Toss Those 3-D Glasses Just Yet

bluecusunsm.jpgIn case you had started spring cleaning and came across some old 3-D glasses, hold on to them for now. NASA just published pictures of the sun. While the sun is no stranger to the photo shoot, this is the first done in 3-D by STEREO – a spacecraft based binocular vision. In case you had already thrown out those old glasses, you can make your own here. This would make a great project for kids in science class as part of their study of the sun – that big flaming ball that is incredibly average amongst its peers, yet does a great job of playing its role of keeping things going here. I admit that I no longer own a pair. Perhaps a trip to A.C. Moore is in order…